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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the way business is operating in most parts of the world today. It is a transformation that all businesses are looking for and the demand to this is rapidly increasing at 46% year after year. Instant scalability and the elastic nature of cloud is an inevitable choice for all the enterprises.

Cloud computing has opened several challenges and at JNET we are well positioned to tackle them. JNET has evolved cloud maturity since early 2009, and has delivered cloud solutions to complex business applications, worldwide. Solutions ranging from simple data management portals to large scale enterprise applications and eCommerce, JNET has successfully migrated customers to robust and highly elastic cloud platforms.

Of the three primary areas of the cloud, viz., Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service, JNET has expertise in all the elements.

JNET has partnered with several Cloud Infrastructure Management products to effectively manage the cloud and its resources. The IT team has pioneered in establishing cloud infrastructure for large enterprise clients and effectively manage them.

As a potential cloud essential partner for majors like Microsoft, Red Hat and Amazon, JNET has developed customer engagement with a comprehensive platform and built a roadmap to the cloud that fits every business. Be it Windows Azure or the Open Shift offering, JNET has delivered optimal solutions on these cloud platforms. All our solutions for the cloud are undoubtedly Service Oriented and then enabling the SaaS characteristics.


  • Instantaneous Scalability
  • Highly Elastic Cloud
  • Global Cloud Nodes and Auto replication
  • High Availability and dynamic cloud management
  • 24 X 7 Cloud Essential Support Team
  • Infrastructure Management, Platform Optimization and Service Oriented Architecture.

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