Home Guards Management
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Home Guards Management System (HGMS) maintains information of all the home guards in a secure and centralized database, so that it will be very easy to track each and every home guard’s employment profile.

Features of HGMS


  • Manage Home Guards and History
  • Quick search of home guards.
  • Kit Article Stock & Issue Management
  • Funds Management
  • Home Guard Job Posting/Re-Location
  • Training Schedule/Re-schedule
  • Attendance from posting/training location
  • Payroll Management


  • Training Summary
  • Posting Summary
  • Attendance Summary
  • Kit Articles Summary
  • Welfare Loan EMI
  • Duty Passport Generation
  • Feedback/Complaints
  • Manage Locations
  • Monthly/Yearly Attendance Graphical Chart Report
  • Home Guard Dashboard
  • Accessibility and Security
  • Application User Management
  • Message Board

System Maintenance

  • Locations
  • System Users
  • Kit Article Stock
  • Message Board

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