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iON HRMS Cloud Solutions (Human Resources Management Solution) manages your recruitment and performance evaluation processes, while also managing employee records and validating their financial details.

Human Resources Management Solutions Hyderabad India


An able workforce is an asset. Managing human resources well and retaining them, is therefore crucial in order to meet your business goals and objectives. While an automated and technologically sound solution greatly supports you in this endeavor, it brings with it challenges of maintenance costs and integration with other software and systems.

Our on demand iON Human Resources Management Solution (iON HRMS) helps you overcome these issues, covering the entire human resource management cycle, to give you a cost efficient and reliable system. Beginning with recruitment, our solution assists you through various phases of resource management in your organization. The solution also helps you keep track of the career development of employees through promotions, appraisals, transfers, etc. and tracks parameters such as leave, loans, advances, claims and so on. Using our solution, you can better manage and utilize your workforce, while reducing the administrative tasks and paper work needed for it.

Simple and easy to use, our solution can be accessed anytime and gives you:

  • Scalability to match your organization’s growth
  • Real time, sophisticated workforce analytics for strategic decision making
  • Ready to use reporting capability
  • Innovative and customizable workflows to build a core foundation of your HR data and processes



Bringing industry best practices to your HR functions, iON HRMS lets you assess and utilize your human resource potential completely. The solution:

  • Increases the operational efficiency and productivity of your HR department
  • Reduces HR administrative costs
  • Increases employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Ensures seamless flow of information between employees, supervisors, managers and administrators
  • Improves leadership development and succession
  • Enhances data integrity within the enterprise
  • Enables you to meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Enables you to view graphical analysis of data using the analytical widgets

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