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Payroll SoftwareiON Cloud Payroll Solution manages every stage of the payroll process, ensuring effective, accurate payroll cycles and helps in faster decision making with on-demand business intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities.

Payroll Cloud Solutions, India


An effective Cloud based Payroll Solution is one that ensures accuracy, consistency, and reliability in your payroll operations. While helping you adhere to statutory rules and compliances, our solution brings down the complexity of the payroll process and speeds it up. This ensures minimal manual intervention from your HR personnel, allowing them to focus on other strategic initiatives. Our comprehensive, on demand iON Payroll Solution has been designed to offer you all this. The solution generates monthly pay slips comprising variable and fixed components, for each employee. Taking into account investment declarations, tax deductions, loan deductions, leave encashment, claims, increments and Provident Fund (PF) management; it generates yearly income forms, maintains tax savings for your employees and projects income tax liabilities. It also calculates final settlement of resigning or retiring employees.

Offering add on features, this easy to use solution helps:

  • Track attendance and time efficiently; thus ensuring error free payroll computation and labor management
  • Compute taxes based on prevalent taxation laws; thus ensuring compliance with government policies
  • Track earnings and deductions to meet your unique needs and formulate comprehensive in built reports

iON Payroll Cloud Solutons


We provide a comprehensive solution covering the complete payroll cycle, bringing you advantages such as:

  • Instant deployment
  • Efficient payroll processing
  • Increased productivity of HR staff
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased employee acceptance, leading to faster and more efficient administration
  • Reduced risk of payroll tax penalties by accurately calculating employee earnings and deductions
  • Viewing graphical analysis of data using the analytical widgets

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