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VTS - Overview

  • Geographical location based smart monitoring and reporting system
  • Event-based and Position-based Intelligence
  • Pinpointed Location Co-ordinate Identification – Highly accurate
  • Custom-specific periodic alert mechanism
  • Optimal Utilization of GPS Satellite Communication

VTS - Key Features

  • Highly efficient Server Integration
  • Exact conversion of lat-long co-ordinates to position data
  • Multiple communication methods
  • Asynchronous Communication
  • Largely Scalable
  • Unit-wise data storage
  • Minute-by-minute position log

VTS - Implementation Scope

  • Application for Vehicle Management
  • Custom Alerts
  • Communication Methodologies
  • Reports
  • Installation of Vehicle Monitoring Unit
  • Application Server and Database hosting

VTS – Process Flow

A) Business Features

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Travel ERP - Customer Relationship Management, On-line Ticket Booking, Ticket Management, HR, Payroll & Finance, Cab Booking, Fleet Management

B) Alerts / Communication

  • Position Information – along with speed and direction of vehicle
  • Stop Alert
  • SMS communication at pre-defined GSM numbers at pre-defined time intervals
  • Email communication of various reports at pre-defined time intervals

C) Hardware

  • Vehicle Monitoring Unit

D) Reports

  • General Position Log – Vehicle wise / Date wise
  • General Distance traveled – Vehicle wise
  • Stop Position Report – Vehicle wise
  • Route Deviation Report
  • Vehicle Availability Dashboard
  • Driver Availability Dashboard
  • Vehicle Utilization Dashboard
  • Driver Utilization Dashboard
  • Speed / Stoppage Logs
  • Speed Violation Report
  • All Vehicle Current Status Report

The Application and relevant Services would be tuned and customized based on the Industry / Company specific needs. Please find below a glimpse of the custom-specific and related solutions provided by us for a few industries:

  • Passenger Information System
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Asset Tracking

Engagement Model

Services would be on a Subscription Model – effectively reducing the upfront costing for the client.
Subscription Model would be on a

  • Per Vehicle Per Month/day basis
  • Per ticket basis
  • One-time Installation charges would apply

VTS – Equipment / System Setup

  • VTS Field Unit
  • Central Control Unit
  • VTS Server (High-end)
  • VTS Geo-code Server
  • VTS Reporting Unit
  • Web Application

VTS – Installation

  • Field Unit comprises of GPS / GSM devices.
  • Field Unit is installed in the vehicle once the required electrical connections are made.
  • GSM transmission antenna is boarded in a convenient manner atop the bus.
  • Central Control Unit, VTS High-end Server, VTS Geo-code Server and the Reporting devices are deployed in their respective locations.

VTS – Communication

  • Data captured by the field unit is transmitted to the Central Control Unit through the GSM Service Provider’s Network.
  • The Central Control Unit comprises of GSM Modem, PC and Data Parser Unit
  • Central Control Unit parses the data received from the field Unit and sends it to the Geo-code Server

VTS – Geo-Positioning

  • Geo-code Server deciphers the parsed data received from the Central Control Unit
  • Lat-long info is mapped to the exact location, speed, time and direction of the moving vehicle

VTS – Reporting

  • Geo-code server transmits the vehicle related information to the high-end server
  • High-end server contacts the respective reporting units and sends the information as per customer requested formats
  • Reporting can be done through positional SMS, e-mail notification, exception alerts etc.,
  • Log Register maintains the event logs.

VTS – Web Application

  • Web Application provides various modules such as Fleet Management, e-ticketing, ticket management, HR, payroll & finance along with Vehicle Tracking.
  • Complete package can be provided as a Travel ERP, with end-to-end solutions, tight interfaces and accurate information.

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