Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry
Software Company Hyderabad India

The JNET Remote Sensing management has strong expertise and extensive experience in the application of Remote Sensing technology in various sectors like Telecom, Forestry, Agriculture, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Change detection analysis, watershed analysis etc. The division provides services in satellite image processing, geo-referencing and map preparation, land use and land cover classification etc.

  • Telecom  Applications
  • Urban and Land Use Applications
  • Vegetation Applications
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Geologic Applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

Our services include the following:

  • Interpretation of Satellite Imagery 
  • Creation of Base Maps
  • Integration of GIS and MIS Data
  • Development of Web-GIS Applications
  • Customization of GIS Applications 
  • Development of Decision Support Systems
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • Network Models, Digital Cost Models, TIN and GRID Analysis

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